As a wife of a first responder and psychotherapist, Lona Snell provides individual counseling services at a discounted rate to first responders and their unique needs. She is trauma certified and helps first responders resolve their trauma related exposure. Not only does she serve the first responders as individuals, she is also known for working with first responder marriages and/or their first responder families. (Online counseling is also available to accommodate first responder schedules.)

Lona currently collaborates with first responder departments and provides whole group mental health trainings that include; awareness, preventatives, and interventions. Please email Lona Snell at to request a training and pricing for your department.

In addition, Lona collaborates with local departments to develop supportive mental health awareness and wellness models, that are unique to each department. Please reach out if you would like information on establishing a new mental health preventative program for your department. 832-998-6345.

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